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Aurum Deutschland Event in Korday

At our information event in Korday with more than 450 participants and considerable presence of politics and media, Aurum provided detailed information about its plans for the regionto the public.

At the conference, Yuri Fadeyev, as Deputy General Director and Technical Director of Aurum Deutschland TOO, presented the results of its work to date and plans for the next years up to the planned mine operation in 2019.

Numerous media have extensively covered this event. The project, which is the only one to be successful in the framework of the German-Kazakh Raw Materials Partnership of 2012 and entered into the list of priority industrial projects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is gaining increasing transregional attention.

The licensing area has ​​a size of 245 square kilometers and about 250 mln. Euro will be invested in equipment and the mine development. In particular, compliance with environmental standards and international requirements for a modern and safe mining operation are in the focus of the planning efforts. After the start of production, 5 tons of gold and 120 tons of silver as well as copper will be produced per year.

Aurum Germany would thus be the third largest gold and silver producer in Kazakhstan.  Large parts of the region will benefit from government-backed infrastructure investments . Furthermore, investments in social facilities and in knowledge and skill development are planned.

However, the greatest benefit for the region is likely to be the creation of 1,200 new jobs, which will have a positive impact beyond the actual project.