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Priority status confirmed: Aurum Deutschland AG obtained land use rights for ore processing plant

Aurum Deutschland  AG received an an official contractual letter from the Kazakh administration andhas and the land-use rights for an area of approximately 130 hectares near the Aurum licensing area have been transferred.

These rights of use have been transferred as a result of the expert planning for building up the ore processing plant. In recent months there have been various requests from local land tenants, who feared an impact of the mine work on the cultivated fields. Discussions were conducted with the tenants and the authorities in an open and detailed manner in order to achieve a sustainable consensus –all this in addition to the already positive legal situation of Aurum Deutschland AG.

After completion of the administrative audits, Aurum Deutschland was granted the rights for the area for the maximum period of 5 years, which will be then extended to 49 years.

Furthermore, the Aurum Deutschland AG project's priority status was confirmed by that. Thus the technical planning for the construction of the mine complex can be continued without delay. 

Graphische Anschauung der geplanten Anlage