Gold, Polymetal and Copper Deposits in Kazakhstan

Under the framework of the German-Kazakh commodity agreement, Aurum Deutschland and it's leading geologists have selected economically attractive gold, polymetal and copper deposits in terms of grade, reserves, resources, infrastructure and production costs.


In international comparison, the gold grade of Aurum Deutschland's gold projects ranks in the top 25%. This has a positive impact on the production costs. Furthermore, the profitability of the projects benefits from the extraction method (open-pit followed by underground mining). The copper deposit is particularly characterised by an attractive mineralisation.


Aurum Deutschland aims to develop all projects up to extraction. Additional exploration work is required to achieve this target. The Commodity-Portfolio consists of two gold deposits, which are comparable in terms of geology and degree of exploration, and one license area (244 km2). This area consists of one explored gold deposit, an attractive copper deposit and several gold polymetal deposits with a lower degree of exploration.


All projects of Aurum Deutschland are located in the south-east of Kazakhstan, near to the financial hub and former capital of Kazakhstan Almaty. Due to the small distance between the projects (<30 km), the existing infrastructure accounts to all projects. A highway, a railway station and a power line are in close distance while several mining companies are active in this region.