Production start 2018/2019


Aurum Deutschland plans to build an ore processing plant in the north-west of the 244km2 large license area. Production is scheduled to commence in 2018/2019.


The processing plant will be ramped up to 109 thsd. oz. of gold per year by 2020. An expansion to approx. 165 thsd. oz. of gold per year can be achieved by 2022. The processing plant will process ore that is provided by the surrounding deposits of the commodity portfolio and produce the end product "Dore" which is a concentrate of gold and silver. German proven technology will be used to process the ore and extract the precious metals including by-products.


Aurum Deutschlands strategy is to use the most profitable ore (in terms of production costs) of its commodity portfolio first. Low production costs are a result from the high ore grade, several by-products and favourable infrastructure. Project duration is estimated to be more than 22 years.


Aurum Deutschland plans to develop all deposits of its commodity portfolio up to extraction, which shall be jointly coordinated with a mining company, selected through an international tender procedure.