With International Mining Expertise

The team of Aurum Deutschland AG is composed of experts with a wide range experiences that are now brought together to develop the mineral raw material projects in Kazakhstan. This builds the basis for a highly professional and result-orientated development of our projects. 


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aurum Deutschland AG

Christian Graf von Strachwitz

Christian von Strachwitz takes the position as Chief Executive Officer of Aurum Deutschland AG and has over 20 years of financial market experience in Frankfurt am Main, London, Luxembourg and Paris where, among others, he led the fixed income portfolio management of ADIG Investment AG Luxembourg.


General Director Aurum Deutschland TOO

Johann Stoll

Johann Stoll manages the operational activities of Aurum Deutschland AG in Kazakhstan and contributes with his unique skills based upon his more than twenty years of managing experience in Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia. Since Aurum Deutschland's foundation, Johann Stoll has been a key person in the successful development of our projects.


Team Germany Aurum Deutschland AG

Henning Heppner - Projektmanager

Jaroslav Masjuk - Projektmanager

Philipp Schwab - Projektmanager


Team Kazakhstan Aurum Deutschland TOO

Yuriy G. Fadeyev – Chief Engineer (Deputy General Director)

The Chief Engineer of Aurum Deutschland contributes besides his language and cultural skills in Kazakhstan with his notable, extensive twenty years of experience in the field of managing natural resource projects. During his career, Yuriy Fadeyev also worked as an engineer for metallurgy throughout all stages of mining mineral raw materials. Further, his process optimisation skills have proven to be key drivers of successful projects. 


Alexander Nistratov – Chief of Geology

The Chief of Geology contributes to Aurum Deutschland projects with his more than 25 years of experience and extensive expertise in the field of geology and mining. Among others, he was employed by BHP Billiton for 12 years and gained experiences in Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia and Russia. Most recently, he held the position as Country Manager for Kazakhstan during which he has developed several mining projects over their entire mining cycle especially in the area of gold. In addition, his excellent experience in the field of discovery, evaluation and development of copper deposits are now very valuable for our projects.