Aurum Deutschland AG

A German Mining and Resource Company

Aurum Deutschland AG is a German mining and resource company focusing on the development and extraction of high-grade gold, copper and polymetallic deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan under the framework of the German-Kazakh commodity treaty signed in 2012. 
Aurum Deutschland is a German stock corporation that was founded as a project company of Quaesta Capital GmbH in January 2013. A subsidiary in Kazakhstan has been founded to fascilitate local activities. 
The company is blending experience in investment management as well as development and management of international mining projects with the background of an extensive international network.
Aurum Deutschland was granted mining rights for gold and copper deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan. These very attractive deposits will be developed up to extraction. 
Aurum Deutschland plans to build a centralised processing plant and to start production of gold and silver in 2018/2019. The business case benefits from the highly profitable strategy to extract the ore with the highest grade first.
The German government and the German-Kazakh commodity treaty provided the support and protection for the transfer of mining rights. In addition, the Federal Republic of Germany provides special support to investment projects, which contribute towards raw material security for Germany. This includes untied loan guarantees and investment guarantees that can cover the respective country risk. Further, projects of Aurum Deutschland have been classified as priority industrial project of Kazakhstan and therefore benefit from special investment incentives as well as from foreign investment protection guarantees. 


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